Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead, anthropologist

The Housing Partnership focuses on purchasing existing homes in poor condition, using a volunteer workforce to renovate them into a dignified home environment, and renting them to low-income families at an affordable rate.

We rely heavily on you, our volunteers, to assist us in maintaining and renovating our properties to ensure they remain a dignified place to live. But the work you do with your hands has a much more significant impact than just hammering a nail or repainting a wall.

Your service helps us provide a home to families in need of stability.
Your service help us create a safe and stable environment for the children.
Your service helps us give hope and dignity back to the families in our community.

We have volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups, corporate teams, high school clubs, and many others. Those with construction experience are welcome, but no experience is necessary. We have many volunteers that learn as they go. Our friendly and knowledgeable project staff will provide training as well as the tools and safety equipment. If you are handy and enjoy a wide variety of hands-on tasks, we are for you!

Volunteer Construction Projects: For individuals and/or groups looking to volunteer occasionally.

With over 30 properties, we have a wide range of maintenance and rehabilitation needs that are excellent team-building opportunities for schools, churches, and civic or corporation groups. Tasks vary with each need, but can include:

  • Painting, repairing minor damages, and landscaping to renovate a newly purchased home
  • Painting and home refreshing to make an existing unit ready for a new family to move in
  • Small construction projects, like building a garage or shed

Our committment is to ensuring the ongoing dignity of every home we provide. Volunteer groups provide us the opportunity to refresh a home after a family moves out as prepartion for the next family. Volunteer groups also provide us with the chance to get into an older home that could use an internal refresh, but has not been able to receive it due to consistent use by families. These "project days" involve us assisting the family in packing up their belongings and temporarily relocating to a hotel while we bring in a group of volunteers to do a major overhaul of the home. Simple tasks like repainting, replacing old carpet, repairing minor damages from typical wear and tear, and installing updated appliances go a long way in helping us carry out our mission of dignified, quality housing!  



Honorary Crew: For retired individuals who are looking for weekly involvement

Our Honorary Crew is a team of dedicated men and women who meet every Tuesday during the day to perform a variety of property upkeep and renovation needs. Working with our project manager and coordinator, Honorary Crew members perform a variety of tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Minor and major home remodeling
  • Basic electrical and plumbing work
  • Light construction,
  • General maintenance necessary to make each unit a home for a family in need.

To get involved or learn more about current volunteer opportunities, please contact Ryne Lodl at 920-731-6644 ext. 105 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.