Apply for Housing

Application Process

We have changed our application process and will no longer be accepting applications for a wait list. Instead, you have the opportunity to sign up to receive immediate notification of available units and their requirements (income, family size, etc.) via email. To sign up for this list, please click here.

General Instructions

The Housing Partnership is a local non-profit agency that provides affordable housing to low-income households in properties owned by our organization. Prior to completing your housing application, please review our general guidelines to ensure that you are a considered a good candidate. The Housing Partnership:

  • owns 9 market rate apartments, available for renting to the general community
  • primarily serves families and therefore has a limited number of single bedroom units
  • will require a criminal background check that may impact your application
  • will generally not provide rental housing to anyone with more than 2 evictions within the past 5 years
  • owns properties in Appleton and Neenah
  • does not provide rental assistance for units not owned or leased by Housing Partnership.
  • is not emergency housing.
  • enforces lease rules such as paying full rent when it is due and taking care of the unit including the inside and the yard.
  • determines security deposit based on the rental history.
  • does not allow pets in the majority of units.
  • does not allow smoking inside the units.
  • will not accept incomplete applications.


Statement of Fair Housing - Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities complies with the Federal Fair Housing Act and does not discriminate on the basis of race/color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, familial or marital status, disability, lawful source of income or other protected class.


General Guidelines

If you have already interest in a unit, please read the following guidelines:

Keep Us Informed

Keep Housing Partnership updated with information such as your email, address, phone number, and changes in employment, income, and family composition. If Housing Partnership is unable to make contact with you, your interest will be passed over.

If you are selected to view an open unit, please bring with you proof of income to the showing. Also please hold your viewing appointment. If you are a no-call/no-show to a viewing, this will be viewed as you no longer having interest in the opening.

Screening Process

When we receive your application, we will check into your landlord references and criminal background. You must provide verification of your income as well as recent utility statements if you currently pay for utilities or have paid for utilities in the past. Utility statements are used to verify that you do not have more than $600 in utility debt.

Residence History

Landlord contact information is vital to processing your application. If we cannot verify your rental history, you will be required to pay a larger security deposit. If we determine you are withholding landlord information due to a potentially bad reference, we reserve the right to end your application. Remember, a poor landlord reference does not necessarily disqualify you from renting with us.

Additional questions

If you have additional questions, please contact us at (920) 731-6644.