Where are you located?

While we have properties throughout the Fox Cities, our office is located in our Wire Works apartment complex at 605 E. Hancock Street, Appleton WI 54911


What are your office hours?

We are open Monday through Thursday, 8am until 4pm and Friday from 8am-12noon.


Do I have to be low-income to reside in your properties?

While the majority of our homes and units are dedicated to serving very low-income families (those at or below 50% of the county median income), we do have several market-rate apartments in our Wire Works apartment complex that are available for the general public.


How do I apply for housing?

If you are interested in housing, you will need sign up for the Unit Notification Mailing List. If you have questions regarding availability and/or if you qualify for a specific program, please contact Rachel Youngquist, at 920-731-6644 ext. 102.


Do you offer emergency housing? I need someplace to stay tonight.

We do not provide emergency housing. You will want to contact the Fox Valley Warming Shelter, Harbor House, or Homeless Connections to inquire about emergency shelter.


Do you provide financial assistance for rent?

We do not provide financial assistance for rent to external community members. You will want to contact LEAVEN  for emergency rental or financial assistance. If you are a tenant with the Housing Partnership and are having a difficult time with rent, please contact our Housing Program Manager, Kendra Krisher , at 920-731-6644 ext. 106 to discuss your situation.


How do I donate items or volunteer?

First off, thank you for your interest in supporting our organization! If you would like to make a financial contribution, you can complete our online form . If you would like to volunteer, you can read about volunteer opportunities here . You are also welcome to contact our Deputy Director, Rachel Youngquist , at 920-731-6644 ext. 102 with any further questions or ideas.


How is the Housing Partnership different from other organizations?

From a broad, organizational perspective, the Housing Partnership provides affordable housing services that are uniquely tailored to the needs of the family being served. In order to ensure optimal success for our families, we offer five distinct programs that include transitional, longer-term, or permanent housing and provide minimal to intensive supportive services based off the needs of each individual and/or family. Additional ways that we are unique within the community include: (1) we own our properties; (2) we primarily serve families, but do have several single units and a program specifically for individuals with special needs; (3) we focus on rental housing versus home ownership to allow families the opportunity to develop a positive rental history and implement successful living skills in a supportive environment; and (4) we provide internal supportive case management to individuals with more significant barriers to independent living to help break the cycle of poverty.


How do I turn in rent?

If you are a tenant, rent is due the first of every month. You can either drop it by the office or, if after hours, place it in the drop box located to the left of the office door. Please note that we do not recommend placing cash in the drop box and cannot guarantee we will receive it. You can also mail your rent, taking care to ensure that it arrives by the first of the month.


I am having issues with my landlord. Do you provide assistance in dealing with my landlord?

If you reside in a Housing Partnership home, we are your landlord and you can contact our Housing Program Manager, Kendra Krisher , at 920-731-6644 ext. 106. If you are in the Rapid Rehousing program, please discuss any landlord concerns with your case manager. For all other community landlord issues, we are not legally allowed to assist you. Please contact the Tenant Resource Center at 877-238-7368.